Athens – Munich – Los Angeles, 2019-2020



-Scientific co-chairmen-

Egon Euwe | Stavros Pelekanos


Daniel Edelhoff | Markus Hurzeler | Dietmar Weng | Otto Zuhr | Christos Angelopoulos | Konstantinos D. Valavanis | George Goumenos | Spyros karatzas | Alexandros Manolakis | Dimitris Papadimitriou | Stratis Papazoglou | Ilia Roussou | Ioannis Fakitsas | Jan Frederik Guth | O. Schubert | E. Nold | C. Keul | Pho-Duc | J.Schweiger | M. Ramberger | J.Meinen | J.Trimpl

The present program is an integrated implantology curriculum. The participants will be able to use it in order to work in the field of implantology as a whole, or specifically indulge in surgery or prosthetics, depending on their scope of preference.

The biggest advantage to the program is the significant number of trainers, highly experienced in the scientific field.

The program will be completed with additional days of clinical practice, whereby the participants will be responsible for bringing along a patient of their own for the purpose of live implantology work demonstration, after their trainer has granted them approval. In this way the participants will derive more benefit by observing the way in which their instructors carry out different implantology tasks.

It is worth mentioning that participants who want to practice implantology successfully ought to carry on lifelong learning in order to constantly improve on their knowledge and skills. The present clinical program is merely the beginning of the journey for the mastery of knowledge and techniques required for this particular field

25 days Certified Implantology Program

• 4 Training modules Athens – Munich
• 1 optional training module Los Angeles
• 1 Surgical module
• 1 Prosthetic module
• Live Surgeries
• Hands-on Seminars
• Case Presentations
• Literature
• Basic surgical kit by Hu-Friedy
• gIDE dental on-line library
• 40 ECTS (Credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System)
• Certificate of Attendance from the University of Cologne and the European Association of Dental Implantologists BDIZ-EDI

Upgrade your skills

in treatment planning as well as surgical and prosthetic implant restorations through a complete curriculum based on scientific evidence and hands on practice. The program’s efficiency is guaranteed by the choice of the highly experienced, internationally acclaimed team of trainers contributing.

Certificate of Attendance

from the University of Cologne and the European Association of Dental Implantologists BDIZ-EDI

Experienced & Renowned Trainers

-Scientific co-chairmen-

Egon Euwe | Stavros Pelekanos

Theoretical training

The program has been designed for groups of 20 participants. The dentists form active groups that work together with the common goal of knowledge mastery and specialization.

Live surgery

Watching live surgery performed by the experienced team of trainers.

Implant prosthetic restoration on patients

The participating dentists will have the opportunity to complete the prosthetic implant restoration they have made themselves on their own patients under the guidance of the program’s expert trainers

gIDE dental on-line library

The electronic gIDE library with more than 450 lectures and clinical case presentations is made available as an extra tool for personal learning.


A miscellany of dedicated implantology articles selected by the program’s trainers.

Hu-Friedy Basic Surgery Kit

The set consists of 5 basic instruments, designed by the curriculum educators specially for participants entering Implantology. Hu-Friedy Basic Surgery Kit is used both in practical seminars and in surgical session. After the end of the 1 Year Clinical Program in Oral Implantology, it remains in the possession of the participants.

Hands-on practice

For every session there is a hands-on practice part on pig jaws and customized

Implant placement in patients

The participating dentists will have the opportunity to place implants in their own patients under the expert guidance of their trainers.

Your Case

Case presentation of your patient to your colleagues and trainers for the purpose of discussion and evaluation.

Certificate of Attendance

From the University of Cologne and the BDIZ- EDI European Association of Dental Implantologists.


The program constitute a unique opportunity for contact with colleagues through a journey of knowledge and specialization in implantology.

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